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Abiloader Case Study

This is a story typical of the people who purchase an Abiloader, and one in which we gain a great degree of satisfaction from our involvement...

Buster is now 88 years old, and lives in a small country locality between the city of Christchurch, New Zealand and the Southern Alps nearby. He is a below the knee amputee, and uses a folding wheelchair to help him get around.

Buster was finding man-handling the chair was becoming quite difficult, but was keen to get around still and enjoy his regular social games of lawn bowls at the local club. Such games of course take a while, and he needed assistance from someone else to get the chair in and out of the car. But his wife is a similar age, and it was still difficult for her.

About 3 years ago, we fitted an Abiloader to his small Suzuki Wagon-R, a quite small vehicle but one well suited to his mobility. The Abiloader reduced the effort needed to store the chair to virtually zero. This was a bit smaller car than we had fitted before, but with a little modification, it fitted nicely in the boot of the Suzuki.

Since then, he has been enjoying the independence of being able to go when and where he wants, and his wife need not attend bowls or other events just to help. Even the electric boot opener is a great benefit on its own.

This is one of many cases where the Abiloader really is a 'life-changing' device, providing full independence like nothing else can.

The ability for Buster to maintain his interests, social contacts and just go about life normally adds hugely to his quality of life and outlook.

(We asked Buster to write us this story, but he told us his thoughts and requested we write the story on his behalf)