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Seating and Comfort Products for All Drivers

We think your car should be comfortable and convenient, but many need a few alterations to achieve this.

This may be due to it not suiting your height, dexterity, or just missing some features you would like. Alterations can both reduce discomfort from poor shaping, and improve safety by giving you a better more comfortable view of the road and control of the vehicle.

Ask us about this new range of products and services to optimise your driving environment for your health and comfort.

Power Seat Adjustment
We can use one of several techniques to add power adjustment to your seat.This can also add electric height adjustment which is great for short people.
This makes swapping drivers very much easier, allowing the seat to easily be adjusted to the best position for each driver, and especially if the seat needs adjusting to allow for wheelchair transfer.
Electric seat adjustment
Cruise Control
This can be added to any car, and greatly eases the stress on long distance driving for anyone, whether you use a hand or foot accelerator. It disconnects instanty on touching the brake. Suitable for manual or automatic transmssions.
Once you get used to it, you will find you even use it around town a lot, to keep your speed where it should be. It may pay for itself in preventing fines!
We have a new brand of this with a good range of control switches for different positions to suit your preferences - right or left side of column, or dash mount. For more details see this link
Reversing Sensors with In-mirror Display
Reversing sensors with the head-up distance display overlaid on the rear-view mirror are a popular item for many, whether or not they have difficulty turning to see backwards.
Call in to see a demo of this first at our office if you are thinking of fitting a rear view camera - you may be surprised at the results !
We can also provide a version which has a camera picture inset into the mirror.

In-mirror distance display

Electric Boot Lifters
These fully open and close the hatch of a wagon, SUV etc. at the touch of a button. Where the weight of the boot lid, or the reach up to the boot (when open) are difficult, this makes getting around just that much easier and safer.
These can be fitted to any vehicle or door type, just tell us what you have. The hatch can still be opened manually as a backup, but normal operation is by a wireless keyfob control.
Boot opener
Seat Heating
This is the ultimate in comfort for cold climates,and allows the vent air to be kept cooler to prevent drowsiness. The power is switchable with 2 heat settings. It installs under the seat upholstery.

Seat Heater Switch

At this time of year especially when the sun is low, sun-strike can be a problem, with the visor not going low enough to prevent sudden blinding as you drive around a corner.
We can fit a tinted visor extender which slides down to double the coverage of the visor, but more importantly still allows you to see through it. It retracts when not in use.
Do you have a product you want but cannot find anywhere? Ask us: we will find or make it !  We have access to a very wide range of innovative automotive accessories.