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By grege - Posted on 21 February 2009

Sept 2018 Update:
We now have a new Enquiry form that will subscribe you to our newsletters - we encourage you to follow this link:

and update your information there. But the below form still works if you'd rather use it.

Please fill out the following or contact us to discuss your needs

Where we can call you to discuss your requirements

Add your area code if you have one

Please tell us what you would like to know. Filling out the optional fields below this will be very helpful to identify your exact needs.

The region your car was manufactured for - this makes a big difference to the shape and configuration of doors and fittings!

Please specify Length x Width x Height in inches or millimeters (as stored) and chair brand/model

In addition, Print and complete the Wheelchair Information Sheet for a Rigid Chair

Please tell us where you found us, by web search, a referral, internet forum, etc.