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Micro Indicators


The point of difference for this product is to make it the easiest to use for the driver, given the possibility of reduced dexterity of the hand and fingers.
· Some people find integrated Spinner / Controllers difficult to operate.
· Manual switches on the hand control can be left on, as they never cancel
· A pushbutton is the simplest switch type to operate – easier than a toggle.
· Any reduction in ability to indicate driving intentions is a safety factor

The switches are mounted where it suits the user, but generally thumb operated by default.

Control unit and example install.
The controller is matchbox sized

The Indicator control unit makes operation of the indicators easier for those using a hand control by offering:
· Micro-sized thumb or finger triggered pushbuttons on the hand control
· Push once to trigger on
· Push again to cancel
· Auto-cancel after several seconds, set by programming
· Auto-cancel is held off while the brake is active
· A second function may be able to be integrated such as beam / dip depending on car electrics.

A very important feature is the ability to re-set the timeout of the device after it is completely installed under the dash, without any special tools or fixtures.
A special switch sequence enters the re-set mode, and the timeout is set with the indicator pushbuttons. Even the end-user can be trained to do this if desired.
Programming is held even when the car battery is changed, or the controller unplugged indefinitely.

The electronic control unit easily wires in under the dash.
It is very sturdy, made of machined aluminium and plastic.