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More Shakes!

Christchurch has suffered more shakes, and is testing the resilience of all Cantabrians.

We are still in operation, and have not suffered from the liquefaction that has been a major issue in some areas.

Our poor city has been yet further afffected, with quite a few partially repaired buildings now being condemned to destruction, the main Anglican and Catholic Cathedrals included. The loss of these is a severe physical and morale-sapping blow to the state of mind of people in the city.

The hills around which Christchurch has been partially built have become highly dangerous in the ongoing shakes. See some of these photos below for evidence...

So, the flats have liquefied and buckled, the hills are showering rocks, there are not a lot of places left!

Miraculously no one was killed in the June 2011 5.5-6.3 shakes which dropped these rocks, but some (working on old building restoration) were quite badly injured.

(Sorry about the poor image quality, not my photos..)