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Abiloader Brochures for LHD markets

Brochure / Advertising Files are linked below, pick on the link to view the PDFs:
These brochures show the loader being delivered to the left side of the car, which is the normal situation in LHD countries- ie the driver sits on the left of the car, and the car travels on the right of the road.

However an RHD Abiloader can be fitted to a LHD vehicle, if the loader is required for the passenger.

Downloadable files of brochures you can print:

Technical Introduction to the Loader several pages on principles of operation and parts identification.

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Chair info sheet - List of details to be provided by interested customers to allow an installer or Abiliquip to check the install is viable Abiloader Car Choice article A4 sized loader product key features sheet with images - USA / LHD
Rigid Chair form:

USA Dealer Promo Abiloader Feature Chart Abiloader Value

Brief Features Poster Article on Wheelchair storage technology implications

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