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Wheelchair Lifts and Storage Methods

With many types of wheelchair lifts on the market, it may be difficult to understand the differences between them. This table compares other types of wheelchair lifts to the Abiloader:

Lift Classification Crane-style Lift - eg Bruno No lift Rooftop Lift ABILOADER Van
Storage Type Dependent Manual Handling External Storage (folding only) Internal Storage (rigid or folding) Drive in vehicle
Carer Required for any journey Not required Not required Not required Not required
Physical strength - Quite a high level required, hand grip and weight lift Low requirement Virtually zero Must be able to ascend quite steep ramp
Balance   Medium - maintain stable position, during heavy lifting Modest - maintain stable position during chair collapse / re-open Low - maintain stable position during chair latch unlatch Low
Dexterity   Significant, to disassemble rigid chair or fold folding chair Moderate Low, latch designed for limited capability, is close to person Low
Vehicle   Any type Any type Variety of wagons, SUVs, minivans Van only
Vehicle mods level   None Roof rack addition, no vehicle mods Installs in the trunk / boot, no vehicle mods Custom cut-floor, highly intrusive mods
Price Moderate Zero Moderate Medium High

Note that the simple Crane-type lifts (of which there are many brands and types) are very low down on this scale of benefits, as they do not provide Driver Independence

The Abiloader provides full independence, about the lowest required combination of strength and dexterity and fits a range of standard vehicles, but is a lesser outlay than a modfied van.