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Wheelchair Loaders

The Wheelchair loader called the Abiloader is our main product. We have designed and built these ourselves in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Abiloader-FX can be fitted to a variety of vehicles, including the Subaru, Holden and VW seen here. It can also be fitted in many other vehicles including - Mazda, Ford, Mercedes, VW, Nissan, Honda, Chevy.... click on the Vehicle suitability tab for some suggestions, or make an enquiry through the Enquiry page or Contact page

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Our design philosophy incorporates these goals:

  • Reliability is paramount
  • Excellent ease of use
  • Supreme convenience / utility
  • Quality Materials
  • Top Class Finish
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Check out these great features:
  • Rapid 25 second retrieve or store
  • Flick a switch to operate
  • Totally automatic, just sit and wait!
  • The car retains its original looks and fuel economy
  • It operates in any parking space where you can open the drivers door wide
  • The chair stays secure, clean and dry
  • No problem with car height in car parks or garages
  • Transferrable between cars
  • Less stress on shoulders and arms

Want to know if it will work with your car and chair? Please fill out this Rigid Wheelchair information sheet, and send to

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