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Lightning-fast Bike and Buggy Clutchless Gearchanges

Competitive / Circuit / Disabled Bike riders take note!

Ask us for whatever you need to get you back on your bike, if you have lost some capability.

- control changes
- automatic deploying stands
- etc.

Gearbox / Clutch

We are able to provide and fit a system to motorbikes, trikes and a variety of utility vehicles a system which gives a number of benefits for regular users and especially for those with reduced mobility or dexterity:

  • lightning fast gear changes, up and down
  • with throttle / accelerator control wide open
  • with super-light up/down toggle

    A few versions of this are available with different levels of performance and inputs. It requires a sequential gearbox selector, which bikes always have, and some other vehicles may have.

    Call us to find out more.

    The majority of the modification is not bike specific, so can be swapped over when you change or upgrade your machine.

    These products are well tested and respected in competitive use.

    Other products in this bike range include:

  • Dual brake operation with one hand
  • paddle gearshift upgrade for performance vehicles