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7.1 Quake Update

Update 27 Sept
Some areas of Christchurch and some building types which are largely undamaged, and the majority of the city is fine. However in a city of 370,000 people even a low percentage of damage still represents very major disruption, displacement, heartache and loss.

At the last estimate I heard, NZ$4 Billion was the projection for cost to replace all damage - this may help comprehension of the enormous task to be done. In the worst affected areas, complete destruction of all services, houses and even the land itself renders it still a very broken situation. In these areas people still have no idea if they will even have something they can rebuild on, or if their location has just been erased forever.

We have now surpassed 1000 recordable seismic events (quake + aftershocks) and these are still keeping everyone in Christchurch on edge, with each day having a significant jolt or so, but generally the trend is downward in size and frequency.

Our thoughts are with all those still with major uncertainty and disruption.

Christchurch suffered a Richter scale 7.1 sized earthquake nearby on Sept 4th, 2010.

Our business premises are intact and no people, product or equipment was harmed. It's business as usual!

We have been very fortunate, many people have not been so lucky, see the Chch Press newspaper for News stories.