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Abiliquip August 2012 Newsletter


Our Abiloader was on display at the end of July at our ADED stand in Kansas City, as shown adjacent. Many suppliers were offering the standard fare of solutions for the large vehicles such as trucks and utes. The compact size of our display vehicle was quite a contrast, and attracted a lot of interest for this reason.
Driving assessors were pleased to see this innovative option available for low-stress and convenient mobility for their clients in a range of compact and desirable vehicles.
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The Association of Driver Rehab Specialists holds ADED once a year and it is a major item on the North American calendar for OTs and rehabilitation professionals.
ADED provides a supportive environment for people new to the industry, and the very important function of training and qualification. A key qualification they deliver is the CDRS (Certified Driver Rehab Specialist) which candidates study for and sit at ADED.
Case study exercises of typical and challenging clients are created for students to hone their skills and challenge the detail of their knowledge. The vendor stands also provide a key element to their training as they can see all the solutions on offer and investigate all technical aspects for particular client requirements.

Congratulations to all those newly CDRS qualified from this year’s conference!

As chair manufacturers have developed a large variety of lighter and more specific chairs for particular roles, there has been a major shift away from the old-style folding wheelchairs.

However, the rigid chair is not so simply stowed. There have not been many alternatives to the common but rather difficult process of chair disassembly. The Abiloader-FX is designed specifically to store a rigid wheelchair in the simplest manner possible for the end user.

Prior to this Wheelchair Storage technology being available, people in manual wheelchairs finding difficulty with chair disassembly and manipulation have had to move to a van-based solution, often reluctantly.

The Abiloader is significantly lower cost than a van-based solution – in the range of $20,000 less. For many though, it is not the cost which drives their decision, but the ability to choose from a range of vehicle types and manufacturers which much better matches their personal mobility and lifestyle needs.

I have created a document to outline the detailed differences between the Abiloader technology and others which will be useful for assessors and funders in understanding the cost / benefit of the alternatives.

You can access this Wheelchair Storage Technology article on the web page at

See our Testimonials web page for what our customers say about our products and services. If you or your customers want to talk to an owner of any product, call us!


A number of people expressed interest in the electric hatch opener component which is an integral part of the Abiloader. We can make this available on its own – if you are interested in this product please contact me and we can supply it to your local mobility dealer.

Brochures of various products for printing and posting on noticeboards at your practice are at and

Looking forward to hearing from you again… Greg Ewing, Abiliquip Limited.

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