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Our products include general improvements and features for all drivers, as well as improving mobility for those who have some challenges to overcome.

Products we offer are from a very wide range including:

See this new page of products focussed on improving your driving environment

Dual controls for driving tutors - follow this link

Here are lists of some other driving aids and electrical controllers we represent in New Zealand.

Contact us to ask about anything you need !

  • NEW - Micro indicators controller for hand controls - link to details
  • NEW-Scooter stopper -more details
  • Clutchless changes on motor bikes and trikes, great for sport, farming, and limited mobility - link to details
  • electric seat height adjustment and rotation

  • electronic driving controls and accessories - link to details

  • cruise control fitted to any vehicle

  • reversing sensors or cameras fitteed to any vehicle

  • hand controls, left foot accelerators, hinged accelerator pedals

  • hand operated clutch ...see a picture and details

  • scooter lifts and carriers

  • internal or external versions

  • transfer aids ...see a picture and details
  • NEW drive-assist wheelchairs (follow this link)

  • power chair lifts

  • wheelchair loaders

  • internal or external chair storage

  • Whether your difficulties are just from being a little less nimble through age, or a specific condition or accident, we can figure a way to make it easier.

    We specialise in taking any situation and delivering the very best improvements for comfort and convenience.

    Budget Conscious ?
    We can find and refurbish used equipment at a significant saving. See our News section for examples of products.