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Disability Services

Abiliquip uses its extensive engineering capability to modify vehicles for disability or whatever reason you need.

This may be modifications such as:

  • hand controls for drivers with limited dexterity
  • ramps or lifts for wheelchairs
  • seating modifications
  • left foot accelerators

    While some of our products are for people with disabilities, we also offer some items for any drivers such as:

  • cruise control
  • sun visor extenders
  • seat heating
  • lumbar support improvements

    We have just obtained the NZ agency for some exciting new product ranges, which will enable us to deliver a wider range of aids for driverw with limited limb dexterity.
    View this Printable PDF of some of the products They include:

  • gas (accelerator) rings
  • electronic accelerators
  • a range of specific hand controls
  • fully or semi-automatic clutch conversions for manual transmissions
  • electric brakes

    As well we have available electric drive-assist wheels for chairs, which allow people to avoid the very expensive move to a fully powered wheelchair.
    Images of these new options will be available here shortly.

    We will inspect your vehicle, assess the best approach to improving your mobility, and price a solution for your needs.

    Please contact us for more details.