Inclusive Thinking

We very strongly identify with the movement to live in an inclusive society, enabling those with challenges to participate fully in all aspects of life.
Further, we know that vehicles and the freedom they bring has particular importance, and this is more than just transportation. They are a significant part of our being, and we fully understand the desire to have vehicles that not only function but are styled and perform to our ideals. Again this is part of the Abiliquip DNA.

Where our skills can deliver enhanced participation in family life, education, employment, relaxation or travel – we not only want to help, we consider it our responsibility to take up the challenge.

Driving Independence

We understand that moving around our environment is essential to our wellbeing, and access into vehicles, driving them, and safety is a fundamental right for everyone.

    About Us – Abiliquip

    Ability Equipment for Driving Independence

    We make wheelchair loaders and lifters. Like this one.  See our direct-to-the-driver-door   AbiLoader

    Welcome to Abiliquip – Since 2009, we have been using our vast experience and engineering expertise to improve disabled driver independence worldwide. Our team designs and manufactures our products in New Zealand, then send them worldwide. We have a flagship wheelchair loader called an “Abiloader” that ships worldwide, including to the USA, Canada, UK, Europe & Australia, among other places.

    Our Location

    All our design, manufacture and sales activities are located in Christchurch, New Zealand.   We also provide local installation and a range of vehicle and van conversions at our Christchurch workshop.


    We work with local Mobility Product Vehicle Installers worldwide to improve disabled driver mobility by distributing our unique wheelchair Loaders & Lifters such as the AbiLoader and AbiLifter.

    Our Team

    Our team includes technicians, engineers, and sales staff, plus the two owners of the business.

    We partner mostly with local contracting companies for the supply of our parts, inventory and materials.

    It is important to us to be part of the local technology scene in New Zealand, growing our people’s capabilities supporting our suppliers to grow their services and then taking this global with world-leading products.



    Igor has a background in mobility prior to this company, both in NZ and overseas.
    From this wide experience he can call on many solutions he has seen, and craft our own new takes on how to get people their mobility back. He brings top skills in the workshop and machines, and a great eye for detail. Custom jobs are something he enjoys bringing to life. 
    Personally, he enjoys fishing in some of the great places we have here in the South Island.



    Greg was an electronics designer at major Christchurch company for many years, taking on our CEO role to start up Abiliquip. Marketing, Sales, Engineering, and overall systems and management are his current roles. He still does some of the Abiliquip electronics hardware and software of his original calling.
    Personally, Greg is a Mercedes car enthusiast, enjoying a wagon for work and a convertible for time out. Outdoors, tramping and climbing and growing a wide range of NZ native trees fill his his time out. Cars and electronics merge with some micro-based projects for cars.


     Simon is a recent Mechatronics graduate. He is responsible for the engineering of new products, and support for existing designs.
    In his own time he is working on a tracking telescope and other inventive projects.


    Sam welds the incoming raw materials into assemblies that become the products we make and export.
    A bit surprisingly perhaps, he also indulges in some demolition-derby activities, taking cars backwards to raw materials for recycling!

    Tim assembles the completed assemblies into the final product, tested and read to ship. Also he is involved in other workshop installs.
    In his personal time, he builds ‘Hot-rod’ style vehicles, and is part of the local club scene.



    Mason installs products in vehicles, and other workshop duties. He is also taking on the product support role, making sure customers get the best experience.
    In his own time, he has been repairing classic motorscooters and motorbikes, electrifying bikes and a range of other vehicle based activities.


    Matt is our main interface with our customers from the pre-sales quoting, to managing the workload and all logistics and invoicing. He is a Commerce graduate from Canterbury University.
    In his own time he has been involved in boats, but now as a recent house purchaser he is getting intimate with gardening and property maintenance.




    Our Vision

    Engineering the future of driving mobility

    Abiliquip was started in 2009 by Igor and Greg and has grown to have a significant profile in the global mobility market. We continue to grow steadily and plan to help many more people by further expanding the scope and reach of our driving products. From the shoulders of our global exports, we plan to fund the development of new products.

     Innovative Solutions for Drivers

    We know first-hand the challenges for those with physical disabilities, and we want to make driving a safe, enjoyable experience. Abiliquip provides innovative solutions for drivers worldwide through high-quality wheelchair loaders explicitly tailored towards each individual’s vehicle of choice

     Contact us for more information if you:

    • are just getting started on your driving freedom journey!
    • are an occupational therapist wanting training on our products for your clients
    • want to find an installer of our products in your region

    Our philosophy is about getting people quickly and safely behind the wheel while giving them as much independence as possible,  so you love “driving yourself.”


    Our History

    Abiliquip was started in 2009 by Igor and Greg and has grown to have a significant profile in the global mobility market. We have continued to grow steadily and plan to help many more people by further spreading our scope and reach. Global exports are essential to our ability to fund the development of new products.

    We manufacture and install products that help disabled or others with limited driver mobility improve their independence.

    Our driver mobility products are leaders in their field worldwide. They improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal freedom and independence.

      Our Products & Services

      Our NZ Made and manufactured driver mobility products are leaders in their field worldwide. They improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal freedom and independence. Using our vast experience and engineering expertise to improve disabled driver comfort and produce car and van modifications such as the AbiLoader and AbiLifter.


        Driver Mobility Products     Abiliquip works with local Mobility Product Vehicle Installers worldwide to install our unique driving mobility products.  See our international driving mobility products AbiLoader and AbiLifter below.

          New Zealand Services Only

          Driver Mobility Products Plus Vehicle modifications & Product Installation

          We manufacture and install driver mobility products and custom vehicle and van modifications. Our installations are made in our Christchurch Head Office.

          We help at all stages from initial ideas and assessments, through to vehicle choice, supply of fittings and if necessary we can build a custom solution.

          Car, tractor, truck, off-roader, harvester, trailer, … whatever we will help.

            Abiliquip office

            Client Testimonials

            It’s just over a month since I got my own personal robot now called Abe, so I thought I’d say thanks as it has made a huge difference to my independence. The Abiloader is fantastic I can now get into and out of the house, work etc unassisted, in the rain or on windy days it is even better. I even get an audience of onlookers when I deploy outside the supermarket. I have no hesitation in telling them it was built in NZ by a company in Christchurch. Thanks again for your help.


            I wish to say how delighted we are with you people correcting the very real problem we had with the Ezylock system in our disabled son’s adapted van.

            Ever since this was installed in the van (by someone else) we had problems. The chair wouldn’t easily engage in the system and we had to pull and push the chair putting not only a lot of strain on the frame but our poor son was also shaken.

            Even then we couldn’t be sure the system would hold him and often whilst transporting him it would disengage putting our son at risk.

            We took the van and wheelchair on three separate occasions to the person who installed it and each time we continued to have the same problem.

            We were so impressed by the ease at which we got time to have your company look at it – and more so to have the problem dealt with entirely. We came away amazed at the speed it was dealt with and the competency of your company.

            We most certainly would recommend you to others

            Christine and Mike

            It is now nearly a week since I took delivery of my new Zafira, so I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with the Abiloader. It is living up to all my hopes and expectations.

            Without your skill, ingenuity and determination to make it work, I am sure this would not have been possible. Your attention to detail in adjusting and modifying not only the Abiloader, but also my wheelchair was first-class practical engineering of the highest order. I am very happy if you want to use me as a reference for any future potential customers or the Abiloader.


            Making life an active experience

            About AbiliQuip