Ford Mondeo after MC

This new version has some unfortunate changes that reduce the effectiveness of what was a best-in-class boot! Height of opening is lower: lower corners of the aperture have been rounded a lot. Floor for some random reason slopes up throwing away useful space. It’s just packing underneath! Width of the transfer distance from sill edge to seat squab is now 250mm making a big gap to bridge – so our Transfer Bench may well be needed more often.

Model: Mondeo

Year: 2016

Style: Estate/Wagon

Region: World


Boot Depth: 1100mm

Boot Opening Vertical Height: 730mm

Width at Wheelarch: 1130mm

Transfer Height: 550mm

Door To Bumper: 2210mm

Boot Sill height: 600mm

Boot Door Width: 1080mm

Measured By: GE