Mazda 6 or Attenza ->GH

This is a great car for a fairly large chair and an Abiloader. Good boot depth and width. Electric seats can be found: but only in the high-spec models. NOTE: this is GH model: GJ is very much lower in vertical boot size! GH model may sometime show as 2013: depends on country – check the VIN !

Model: First or seconf gen, thru to GH

Year: 2006 - 12

Style: Estate/Wagon

Region: World


Boot Depth: 1040mm

Boot Opening Vertical Height: 740mm

Width at Wheelarch: 1030mm

Transfer Height: 550mm

Door To Bumper: 2080mm

Boot Sill height: 580mm

Boot Door Width: 1110mm

Length Of Car: 4700mm

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