VW Caddy

This vehicle has a huge internal space with margin to spare in all directions. Delivery position will be adjustable to wherever you want it. Seating is good for easy access. Note cannot be the ‘barn door’ style boot door: needs to be the upward opening hatch. Both options have been sold: make sure what you get! Ricability pics and info: Caddy http://www.ricability.org.uk/consumer_reports/mobility_reports/car_measu… Ricability pics and info: Caddy Maxi Life. Rear seats not usable if this option fitted. http://www.ricability.org.uk/consumer_reports/mobility_reports/car_measu…

Model: Caddy or Caddy Maxi

Year: 2011

Style: MPV

Region: World


Boot Depth: 1050mm

Boot Opening Vertical Height: 1130mm

Width at Wheelarch: 1160mm

Transfer Height: 690mm

Boot Sill height: 580mm

Boot Door Width: 1180mm

Measured By: Ricability