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Customer References

Appreciative customers have said this:

'WTF!!!!! That is awesome. I am sending the link to one client now….oh my!'
- from an OT on first learning of the Abiloader

'When I was thinking about buying one (Abiloader) ... it seemed too good to be true, but the thing really works as advertised. It allows my daughter to easily get her chair in the car quickly and completely independently. No taking it apart, lifting it, getting dirty, wearing out her shoulders, etc.!

It is on the expensive side, but ... It makes her life so much easier and better. Worth every penny!' (abbreviated) From Carol, in Tennessee, advice given to another college student.

.... 2 weeks, one in Marahau at Old MacDonald’s Campground, and another week at the Collingwood camp ground.

'During all this time, the lift was a great success. Lili used it often and the rest of us used it as a quick step into the caravan. It also makes a great outdoor coffee table and pleasant place to sit. At one point at the end of the day when Lili was tired I was “lifting” her into the camper, and we both said spontaneously at the same time, “Thank you Michael.” '
From Lili and Maynard, on the custom designed caravan hoist we did for them.


"It's just over a month since I got my own personal robot now called Abe, so I thought I'd say thanks as it has made a huge difference to my independence.
The Abiloader is fantastic I can now get into and out of the house, work etc unassisted, in the rain or on windy days it is even better. I even get an audience of onlookers when I deploy outside the supermarket. I have no hesitation in telling them it was built in NZ by a company in Christchurch.
Thanks again for your help


"And I want to thank you and Igor for the standard of service I have found at Abiliquip. Many people do not know how to talk to someone with a disability. And they will look everywhere else than at me. At Abiliquip I felt people addressed me directly, responded to my questions, understood my needs and suggested entirely appropriate modification solutions. I have nothing but praise for your service and will tell that to others"
From Sally, Christchurch


"The Abiloader is working perfectly and totally saves me from any lifting and wear and tear on my shoulders in particular. Alan (Astec Services) did a fantastic job of fitting the equipment to my vehicle and has finished off everything very neatly. We are really pleased with the outcome"
From Doug, Tasmania


"Just to let you know that I love the Abiloader! It has opened a new door to my future freedom to enjoy getting out and visiting people and places rather than avoid it because of the hassle of lifting my chair out and in!

My wife also enjoys just getting in and out of the car when we are out together rather than wait out in the rain while I put my chair in the back seat so thumbs up all round! "
From MH of Nelson


“Wow what fantastic hand controls! I have been using hand controls for 22 years now and this time I used Abiliquip to fit these to my vehicle. They are by far the most stylish and most comfortable hand controls that I have driven with. I found that Igor genuinely cared that the end result was comfortable for me to drive with and he took my ability into consideration when fitting them. I am left with really nice looking hand controls and an easy to use indicator system which looks great and matches in seamlessly with my vehicle. These guys obviously care greatly about their work.

I would highly recommend that if you need modifications to your next vehicle, that you take the time to meet with the team at Abiliquip to discuss your requirements.”
From Meika


I thought I'd touch base having had the Abiloader for a week now. The loader is absolutely fantastic!! It will make such a difference to my daily life and to the tendonitis in my wrist, not to mention no more throwing my chair over my shoulder into the rear seat.
It is a wonderful, life-altering device!
from Kate, Melbourne


Thanks !! .... The ABI Loader has changed my life!!!!!
from Denise


"I am really happy with everything and my shoulders, wrists and arms feel so so much better.

I find myself stopping more especially after work to do things where before I would wait for the weekend because I knew I would have to put together and break down my chair.
Thanks again for all your help"
from Jim, Michigan USA - just a few days after receiving his Abiloader


Read this delightful story about a man who is now 88, and has been using an Abiloader now for some years to keep active and independent...


"I wish to say how delighted we are with you people correcting the very real problem we had with the Ezylock system in our disabled son's adapted van.

Ever since this was installed in the van (by someone else) we had problems. The chair wouldn't easily engage in the system and we had to pull and push the chair putting not only a lot of strain on the frame but our poor son was also shaken.

Even then we couldn't be sure the system would hold him and often whilst transporting him it would disengage putting our son at risk.

We took the van and wheelchair on three separate occasions to the person who installed it and each time we continued to have the same problem.

We were so impressed by the ease at which we got a time to have your company look at it - and more so to have the problem dealt with entirely. We came away amazed at the speed it was dealt with and the competency of your company.

We most certainly would recommend you to others"
Christine and Mike


"It is now nearly a week since I took delivery of my new Zafira, so I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with the Abiloader. It is living up to all my hopes and expectations.

Without your skill, ingenuity and determination to make it work, I am sure this would not have been possible. Your attention to detail in adjusting and modifying not only the Abiloader, but also my wheelchair was first class practical engineering of the highest order. I am very happy if you want to use me as a reference for any future potential customers or the Abiloader"
From Roy


"I have recently had hand controls fitted to my new car by Igor at Abiliquip. The workmanship is excellent (even my perfectionist husband was impressed). Igor was very helpful in explaining everything and took the time to find out what wanted, not just what was available. He knows the requirements and the process for certification which made the whole job go very smoothly. I would recommend this company without hesitation."


"I have now had the AbiLoader on my car for about 18 months and am very happy with it. It has worked without problems and has proved to be remarkably efficient. Had this product not been available I would probably have had to look at getting a self drive van - considerably more expensive than the Abiloader"


"Igor installed hand controls, parking sensors and modified my handbrake to make it easier for me to use. I've had this type of work done on previous cars by other companies but there was no comparison. The modification work done by Igor was of the highest quality and at a better price than the other companies I had used in the past. I could also quite easily restore the car to its original state, this was not possible with previous installations.

Igor has also helped me out with modifications to my lawn bowls wheelchair. Although this is not the type of work he normally does he was happy to help.
He is full of ideas and solutions to the everyday problems people with disabilities face. A fantastic engineer who I am delighted to recommend."


"I have purchased the AbiLoader system from one of the best engineers I have ever come across - Igor.

I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis and this system has changed my life, lifting my chair into my vehicle was becoming a struggle, now with the AbiLoader system it is saving my energy allowing much safer driving skills.

I have had no problems with this equipment in over 1 year and am very impressed with the simplicity of the unit.

Igor also converted my vehicle to full disabled hand controls and my mechanics can't believe the precision of the work that Igor achieves.
Everything is excellent, 10 out of 10."


Thank you sooooooooo much I couldnt thank you guys enough!
Looking forward to having my independence, thanks to Abiliquip!

Life savers.
Thanks again