Driver-assist for wheelchairs NZ

All the flexibility of a manual wheelchair, but with some power assistance on demand!

Wheelchair Modifications NZ

Drive Assist for Wheelchairs

This concept has been introduced recently to allow people to keep the flexibility of a manual wheelchair but have some power assistance on-demand.

Abiliquip can provide these and integrate them into your mobility solutions.

The transition to a full-sized power chair comes with many costly changes to the user’s environment. Where it avoids the need for a power chair, the drive assist solution has many features in its favour:

  • It can be added to an existing manual wheelchair, saving the very high cost of a power chair
  • The chair can be used in manual or assisted mode, promoting retention of activity and fitness as required
  • The major benefit of avoiding long periods of stress on the shoulders, by maintaining a speed once established

Avoiding a full power chair saves the major vehicle modifications, which will usually require

  • A new vehicle – generally a large van
  • A hefty, 300kg capable lift for powerchair and person
  • The internal modifications to anchor the powerchair to allow driving from it or transfer into the driver’s seat

Teaming the AbiLoader with Drive Assist

This revolutionary new concept delivers the ultimate in assistance for independent mobility.

A heavy-duty version of the Abiloader can store and retrieve a manual wheelchair fitted with power assist from the boot of a suitable family-sized estate/station wagon / SUV. This gives excellent flexibility and a serious alternative for many people to a large van solution for the first time.

Call us to find out more about Drive assist chairs, optionally with an AbiLoader.

The Abiloader can work with several brands of assist wheels. Abiliquip sells this brand, as shown below.

We picked this brand as they offer both Joystick no-effort operation and a Pushrim assisted version. In addition, it is especially applicable to arm amputees.



















Why Us

We have 10+ years of experience in the business and our dedicated technicians constantly strive to exceed expectations. Keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do to improve driver mobility, comfort and personal independence.

I love the Abiloader! It has opened a new door to my future freedom to enjoy getting out and visiting people and places rather than avoid it because of the hassle of lifting my chair out and in!


MH of Nelson

I find myself stopping more especially after work to do things where before I would wait for the weekend because I knew I would have to put together and break down my chair. Thanks again for all your help.


Jim, Michigan USA

Thank you sooooooooo much I couldn’t thank you guys enough! Looking forward to having my independence, thanks to Abiliquip!
Life savers.