Driver Mobility Vans

Customised Mobility Vans – Adaptations

Abiliquip can advise and provide a mobility van for your needs, either new or used. We import vans to requirements and may have some vans in stock for immediate supply.

Mobility Van Modifications

  • Wheelchair lifts
  • Wheelchair securement – Ezylok, Q-straint
  • 6-way seats
  • Hand controls
  • Seating alterations
  • Floor rails
  • Seat belt alterations
  • Electric gear changers
  • Back folding
  • Footplate 
  • Q-Strain
  • Any accessory control relocations

Lowered-Floor Wheelchair Vans

Vans offer the opportunity to drive a vehicle when:

  • transfer is so difficult that driving must be from your wheelchair
  • you need more room for equipment than can be found in an Estate or SUV
  • you have a traditional power-chair, with its over 100kg weight

We can modify for you either a van you have purchased or one we provide.  All required Certifications to NZ road regulations will be included.

As well as these ‘normal’ modifications, we can also offer high-tech driving controls from Paravan of Germany.  These allow zero-effort control of steering, brakes and gear change for specially challenged people and are engineered with every safety measure incorporated.

Combined with our extensive experience and engineering capability, we can create a driving environment and custom controls that extend the driving capability to people otherwise considered incapable of driving.

If you have never driven and would like to, drop into our place to see some unique technology we may be able to work magic with for you!