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Abiliquip is the leading provider of mobility products, including vehicle modifications for people with disabilities. Our goal is to improve disabled driver comfort and produce high-quality products that will help them live a more independent life. No matter where you live in the world, Abiliquip can tailor a wheelchair lifter or loader for your needs.


Driving Mobility Product & Services

Abiliquip manufactures, installs and services mobility products that improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal independence.  Our service offering differs if you are in New Zealand or are International (Available just about anywhere in the world. Including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South America).

Global Products

Abiliquip works with local Mobility Product Vehicle Installers worldwide to install and service our unique driving mobility products. Our global driver mobility products are leaders in their field worldwide. They improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal freedom and independence. See below

The Abiloader delivers you unparalleled freedom and style. Clever but reliable mechanics open the hatch and deliver the chair to you in 30 seconds, from just one switch operation. A flick of the release latch, send the arm back, and you are on your way!

If you live in New Zealand Abiliquip manufactures, installs and services driver mobility products that improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal independence.

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The Abilifter complements the Abiloader by offering another best-in-class product where delivery to the driver’s door is not essential. Our wheelchair/mobility product lifters can be added to a vehicle trunk, or even van side doors, ute trays or trailer applications.

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New Zealand Services

Services only available in NZ

If you live in New Zealand, Abiliquip manufactures, installs and services mobility products.
Our products improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal independence.

Vehicle Modifications

Within New Zealand, we can make alterations to your vehicle for comfort,
convenience and mobility. Whether for driver or passengers, or a car / SUV / tractor/truck, ATV, motorbike or other vehicles we can find ways to make your travel easier and safer. These are not just wheelchair related, they may be health or dexterity limitations.

Solutions include hand controls, accelerator or pedal changes, steering adaptations, seating, access, stowing of equipment, power hatches, gear changers and many others. Or something custom made.

Van Modifications

Vans are often used for higher levels of disabilities or power wheelchairs. But as with all customers, we first need to understand your limitations and then propose solutions.

Solutions can include drive-from-wheelchair vehicles, wheelchair lifts, repositioning electric controls, floor anchor rails, seat belt changes, product tie-downs and more.

We also offer advanced driving systems with ‘drive-by-wire‘ technology from Germany. These systems can help people with very significant limitations operate vehicles. We have significant experience over many years in this complex technology.

Wheelchair Adaptations

We globally source a full range of personal mobility products and wheelchairs to get the very best assistance for you. Our involvement in the world mobility scene means we know the best products and have them available to you.

We know sometimes specific solutions are needed. We, therefore, can create a custom device for your particular situation if needed, including agricultural, industry, transport, sports, and many more areas.

Why Us?

We apply mechanical and electronic technology as appropriate to achieve the outstanding ease of use important for mobility independence.

Serviceability of units in the field is another factor we pay careful attention to, knowing users rely on our products daily. In addition, their travels can take them to locations where technical support is limited. Therefore, we strive for the most straightforward designs that are easier to diagnose and repair with basic skills.

The result is a range of products that offer unique mobility benefits and performance unequalled by any other product.
Our scope is global, and we develop all the necessary logistics, training and support systems to make our life-changing products viable in any region with people needing our solutions.

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What our customers say about us


I helped my father get a hand control system for his car. Michael and the team were great communicators and the hand control works exactly as they said in the time that they said. My father is very happy now he has his independence back. Great company to deal with.

Darryl Alker


5 stars all the way. Fantastic service and kept informed every step of the way. And the product is absolutely fantastic. Excellent follow-up service as well!!

Chris Hickling


Can’t say enough about this company, I certainly endorse all the other positive reviews for their products and services. After 50,000kms all modifications are still performing perfectly a testimony of the quality of their products. Highly recommend.

Pip Martin