AbiLifter NZ

The Abilifter complements the Abiloader by offering another best-in-class product where delivery to the driver’s door is not essential.
We can apply the lifter to vehicle trunks, van side doors, or ute or trailer applications.

If you live in New Zealand, we can fit wheelchair lifters and loaders like the AbiLifter and other custom vehicle modifications right here in our Christchurch workshop. In addition, we can have your vehicle transported here from any part of NZ.

The abi-Lifter is a great solution when the customer can walk short distances and just needs their wheelchair lifted into and out of their vehicle . The abi-Lifter at the push of a button opens the boot and lifts the wheelchair from the vehicle to the ground.

Customised Wheelchair Lifters or Loaders, made by NZ engineers and delivered anywhere in New Zealand!

The Abilifter complements the Abiloader by offering another best-in-class product where delivery to the driver’s door is not essential.

We can apply the lifter to both vehicle trunks and a van side door or a ute or trailer applications.

The Abilifter comes in a range of weight capacities to suit a variety of devices, vehicles and budgets.

Our team is developing device-specific connection options.

We deliver and support the abiLifter internationally, Enquire Today!

Not seen this green mobility device before? Its the Omeo, and has an enthusiastic following. Go to https://omeotechnology.com

Our Features


  • Trunk to ground loading and unloading

  • Space Efficiency widens car choices

  • Semi automatic, just click and wait to be lifted down!
  • The car retains its original looks and fuel economy
  • Wide Range of mobility applications

  • The chair stays secure, clean and dry
  • No problem with car height in car parks or garages
  • Transferrable between cars
  • Less stress on shoulders and arms
  • Device Specific attachment options
  • Can Auto-Secure Load

AbiLifter Videos (coming soon)

See how easy the abi-Loader is to use, and the range of vehicles that we have installed it in.

Ease of Use – We have designed the controls and especially the securing to be very easy to operate with impaired handfunction – where we have adevice specific connection kit such as for the Omeo.

Vehicle Range – There is a wide range of cars we can install the abiLifter into. Get in touch today to find out if your car is compatible.

Vehicle Suitability

We have created a means of calculating the fit for a given load size in a vehicle, based on some key vehicle measures. Ask us if we have these measures for your vehicle.

Please Note: Vehicles may change trunk shape and dimensions and internal detail from year to year even though externally they look unchanged


International Dealers will likely need to be trained, but if they have installed the Abiloader they will be a good option for the Abilifter also.

Why Us?

We apply mechanical and electronic technology as appropriate to achieve the outstanding ease of use important for mobility independence.

Serviceability of units in the field is another factor we pay careful attention to, knowing users rely on our products daily. In addition, their travels can take them to locations where technical support is limited. Therefore, we strive for the most straightforward designs that are easier to diagnose and repair with basic skills.

The result is a range of products that offer unique mobility benefits and performance unequalled by any other product.
Our scope is global, and we develop all the necessary logistics, training and support systems to make our life-changing products viable in any region with people needing our solutions.

See our testimonials page or Google reviews below.

It is now nearly a week since I took delivery of my new Zafira, so I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with the Abiloader. It is living up to all my hopes and expectations.

Without your skill, ingenuity and determination to make it work, I am sure this would not have been possible. Your attention to detail in adjusting and modifying not only the Abiloader but also my wheelchair was first-class practical engineering of the highest order. I am very happy if you want to use me as a reference for any future potential customers or the Abiloader



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