The abi-Loader is a simple solution to driving mobility for disabled drivers with some very advanced engineering. The Abiloader, at the push of the drivers’ button, opens the boot and delivers a wheelchair right up next to the driver door.

We can deliver our wheelchair lifters & loaders just about anywhere in the world, and we work with local mobility vehicle installers to ensure your Abiloader will be custom fitted to your vehicle.
So you will be able to gain your driving independence without having to choose an expensive custom mobility van!

The abi-Loader is a simple solution to driving mobility for disabled drivers with some very advanced engineering. The abi-Loader at the push of the drivers’ button opens the boot and delivers a wheelchair right up next to the driver door

Wheelchair Loaders are made by specialist engineers and delivered anywhere in the world!

Abiliquip designed and made the abiLoader for 13 years, and it is our flagship international product that has been sold to 11 countries and loved by thousands. The Abi-loader is a simple solution to driving mobility for disabled drivers with some very clever engineering. The Abiloader, at the push of the drivers’ button, opens the boot and delivers a wheelchair right up next to the driver door.

Reliability is crucial for mobility aids. We think that mobility devices should be as simple as possible to achieve the result. It is much more work to design a simple mechanism for stowing wheelchairs, but we put in the effort! The design is very clever but not complex.

Our product’s success internationally owes much to its lower complexity than other products. In addition, its much higher reliability and more straightforward servicing mean we have taken over many world markets.

Total driving independence and class-leading ease of use make this the premium option for manual wheelchair users. For rigid chair users, there is no other device that comes close.

People who use lowered-floor mobility vans should consider the Abiloader, where they are able transfer to the driver’s seat. If you did not know of the Abiloader when you purchased your last vehicle, check out the advantages of a much wider range of vehicles and features.

We deliver and support the abi-Loader internationaly, Enquire Today!

abiLoader Features


  • Rapid 25 second retrieve or store
  • Flick a switch to operate
  • Totally automatic, just sit and wait!
  • The car retains its original looks and fuel economy
  • It operates in any parking space where you can open the drivers door wide
  • The chair stays secure, clean and dry
  • No problem with car height in car parks or garages
  • Transferrable between cars
  • Less stress on shoulders and arms

abiLoader Videos

AbiLoader Wheelchair Loader Videos

See how easy the abi-Loader is to use and the range of vehicles in which we have installed it.

Ease of Use – Simply press our switch on your dash to initiate the boot of your car automatically opening, and your wheelchair delivered to your drivers’ door in under 30seconds.

Vehicle Range – There is a wide range of cars we can install the abi-loader 0n. Generally, if you have a station wagon or SUV, we can set you up with this life-changing system. Get in touch today to find out if your car is compatible.

The videos below are viewable on Youtube and show different cars and chairs. Other installs will show when you go to Youtube.

Our System

Vehicle Suitability

Vehicle fit assessment for your wheelchair is not a simple task, so we do this back at Abiliquip rather than the dealer. Anyone anywhere is welcome to ask us directly via email or an enquiry form.

First, we need your wheelchair measured to our Abiloader enquiry form. 

Let us know if you prefer any vehicles or ones you own. Otherwise, we will recommend some options.

We have all the car measurements. We just need the year and make/model.

Q: Can abiLoader be installed in any vehicle?
A: abiLoader can be installed in most modern Station Wagons and SUV’s, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see if the vehicle you wish to use is compatible.

Q: Can you please tell me what dimensions the trunk needs to be to fit an Abiloader? It’s not that simple! Your chair size affects the fit as well, and its complex, so Abiliquip does the fit check. Just measure your chair to our measure sheet, and we’ll advise car options.

Q: Is the abiLoader easy to use? Would I need training?
A: The abiLoader is very easy to use, in fact all you need to do is flick a switch and the system automatically opens your trunk, and delivers your wheelchair to your driver’s door.

Q: How long does it take for my wheelchair to get from my boot to my drivers door?
A: The whole process takes less than 30seconds!

Q: What is reliability like and do you provide support?
A: Our system is extremely reliable, but in the rare occurrence you require support were are here to help! Your training information should be in the glove-box and will have contact details for an emergency.

Q: I am able to walk short distances, is there an option that can just get my wheelchair or mobility aid from my trunk to the ground?
A: Yes you should check out our abiLifter for just loading into and out of your boot.

We service the following countries

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Canada
  • France
  • Spain
  • Holland
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia

Why Us?

We apply mechanical and electronic technology as appropriate to achieve the outstanding ease of use important for mobility independence.

Serviceability of units in the field is another factor we pay careful attention to, knowing users rely on our products daily. In addition, their travels can take them to locations where technical support is limited. Therefore, we strive for the most straightforward designs that are easier to diagnose and repair with basic skills.

The result is a range of products that offer unique mobility benefits and performance unequalled by any other product.
Our scope is global, and we develop all the necessary logistics, training and support systems to make our life-changing products viable in any region with people needing our solutions.

See our testimonials page or Google reviews below.

When I was thinking about buying one (Abiloader) … it seemed too good to be true, but the thing really works as advertised. It allows my daughter to easily get her chair in the car quickly and completely independently. No taking it apart, lifting it, getting dirty, wearing out her shoulders, etc.!

Carol, Tennessee

Just to let you know that I love the Abiloader! It has opened a new door to my future freedom to enjoy getting out and visiting people and places rather than avoid it because of the hassle of lifting my chair out and in! My wife also enjoys just getting in and out of the car when we are out together rather than wait out in the rain while I put my chair in the back seat so thumbs up all round!

MH, Nelson

I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with the Abiloader. It is living up to all my hopes and expectations. Without your skill, ingenuity and determination to make it work, I am sure this would not have been possible. Your attention to detail in adjusting and modifying not only the Abiloader, but also my wheelchair was first class practical engineering of the highest order

Roy, NZ

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